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If you are traveling northbound on 101 and take the Third Street exit you have entered San Francisco. Specifically, you have just entered the Bayview.  Who knew?


As residents, we know and we want other people to recognize the area for its beauty and charm.  The Bayview Hill Neighborhood Association, HOK Architects, and SF Public Works have joined forces to come up with visual elements and landscaping that will beautify and identify the entrance to the Bayview neighborhood.


Together we are leading a public visioning process and design effort to identify and beautify the entrance to the Bayview neighborhood. The Bayview encompasses some of San Francisco’s premier ecological and cultural landmarks including Bayview Hill, a natural hill that sits at the southeast entrance to San Francisco. We have been working closely with the Bayview community to develop a unified vision for the neighborhood and will develop a gateway pilot site that will highlight the cultural richness of this area. This important project will not only provide a long-awaited gateway for this historically neglected community but will help galvanize the effort to tie together wider open space planning goals and green corridor efforts in the city.


On August 1st, Bayview Hill Neighborhood Association, HOK and San Francisco Public Works hosted the first community meeting to introduce the concept of a gateway to a large gathering of neighborhood residents and stakeholders at the local church friary. We have continued to lead several more working group meetings and will hold a final community meeting on October 3rd  to finalize a unified vision for the Gateway that will lead the development of a pilot site.


We had a wonderful turnout for the first meeting and came together as a working group to get to started on developing a plan.  The first working group meeting was Monday, August 22 and subsequent meetings were held September 12 and 26.    We have been working hard on a plan to identify and beautify the entrance to our neighborhood!  In September we shared the visual components of our plan as well as discussed the implementation of a pilot site.  On  Monday, October 3rd we held a final community meeting to finalize a unified vision for the Gateway that will lead the development of a pilot site.  


A well-attended community meeting hosted by Supervisor Cohen was held on July 31 at the Southeast Community Facility.  After an overview of the project, folks got a chance to express their thoughts on design elements and locations.  The project was well received and several new sites were added.  In addition, many people expressed interest in exploring partnership opportunities for implementation and maintenance.  We are now soliciting input from the wider Bayview community.  Next steps are to finalize a "kit of parts" and guidelines.  We will be working closely with San Francisco Public Works to implement a pilot site be the end of the year.  Call Marsha at 415-468-9168 for more information!



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We have a DRAFT kit of parts which is available through San Francisco Public Works.  In addition, we now have a conceptual design for the Third and Meade pilot site that includes an interactive community component.  We will be asking community members to bring a piece of pottery or glass to be broken up and added to a mosaic design on the block letters and along the sidewalk.  Following are conceptual renderings:


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