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Historical uses of many sites in the Bayview


Longtime Bayview resident and Association member Dr. Raymond Tompkins have worked tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of Bayview residents.  Recently, he produced a blockbuster report that chronicles historical uses of many sites throughout the community exposing long overlooked and unmitigated environmental exposures.  To read the "Final Report of Site 1, Phase-1 to Bay Area Air Quality Management District for Grant No. 2018.152: Inter-generational Hidden Hazard Project Mapping and Volatile Organic Compound Study of the South-Central Neighborhood and Bay View Hunters Point."  Read or download the full report ->

Environmental Issues in the Bayview

The Bayview and Hunter Point have long had more than its fair share of environmental issues and residents suffer some of the worst health outcomes in the Bay Area. We must all be stewards of our environment.  The area is home to many polluting industries and too little oversight and regulation allow industries to pollute our air, water, and land.


Any sources of potential pollution can and should be reported to IVAN network.  A Bayview Hunters Point Task Force has been recently formed to hold city agencies accountable for all issues reported to this service.


If you witness any infractions on our environment or experience troubles getting information or cooperation from responsible government agencies or companies doing work in our community, report them to the IVAN network at Issues reported to this site will be brought to monthly meetings attended by Bay Area Air Quality Mangement, the Department of Public Health, and others, and Greenaction will hold these agencies responsible to answer your concerns. 


Learn about the Bayview Hill Neighborhood Associations efforts to protect our environment and the air we breathe by coming to a meeting and talking with other interested neighbors about your concerns in person!

Community Air Monitoring Project

In 2018 we agreed to become a partner organization for Greenaction's grant proposal to the California Air Resources Board for the Bayview Hunters Point AB 617 Air Quality Environmental Justice Project.

The project will bring long overdue community air monitoring to Bayview Hunters Point and will support Greenaction and community air pollution reduction efforts including the important BVHP Environmental Justice Response Task Force, part of the statewide IVAN Network.

We are joined in this endeavor by the following partner organizations:


Join Us!

If you are interested in helping our efforts to protect air quality in our neighborhood, contact:


Christopher Whipple at and



Shirley Moore at and


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