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We won!  Bayview Hill Neighborhood Association was  nominated and selected to win the Comeback Neighborhood of the Year Award presented at the 12th Annual NEN Awards Ceremony 2020 by Mayor London Breed.  Our submission:  

The Bayview Hill and Candlestick Point neighborhoods are contiguous yet intertwined. For decades these neighborhoods endured the impacts of the Candlestick Stadium, from the flood of traffic and cars into the neighborhood on performance and game days to the ultimate demolition of the stadium. Our once poor air quality has dramatically improved. Over the past five years, these communities have been at odds with the Lennar, now Five Point, developers over the proposed location of one of the project's parking structures. The issue being that the proposed entrance to the garage would facilitate cuing of vehicles on a street located directly beneath homes on the ridge above. The developer was slow to understand the issue and resistant to changing the project layout. The Bayview Hill Neighborhood Association helped organize the community, gathered data through installation of air monitors and ultimately got the plans changed to include an alternate entrance. With a sigh of relief, the community can rest assured that we are continuing to improve air quality for all residents in the neighborhoods.


The Bayview Hill Neighborhood Association secured funding for and saw through the rennovation of a new community meeting and recreation spot at the Coronado Pocket Park.  We recently celebrated the rennovation of the Coronado Pocket Park with a ribbon cutting event, showing residents and policy-makers from City Hall that the improvements in the Bayview are driven by residents, not just developers. 


Thanks to Mr. House, Mr. Occhipinti and City leaders for their foresight 25 years ago to plan for a park in our neighborhood.  As of this year, we finally have a new park that is located at the bend of Le Conte at the top of the hill.  It's not much but a nice place to sit and reflect.  You might even be able to see across the city on a clear day.  The Bayview Hill Neighborhood Association worked with a variety of individuals and agencies for several years to bring the vision of a park to the neighborhood.  Site ownership is now formalized with the Rec and Park Department and the park has been officially named.  The Association was successful in acquiring almost $100,000 in 2013 to improve the site. The ribbon cutting was June 2019 with Supervisor Walton and Bayview Hill Vice President, Shirley Moore in attendance. 



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