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Quijuan Spencer Maloof was born in San Francisco on June 9, 1967.  As a “military BRAT,” Quijuan was born on the Presidio military base in San Francisco.  The family moved to Fort Dix, New Jersey, ultimately finding their way back to San Francisco.


Quijuan went to Wallenberg High School in San Francisco where he had lots of friends.  He was determined to join the Marines when he graduated, but because he was not yet 18, he had to get his mother’s permission.  “Once a Marine, always a Marine” goes the saying, and Quijuan loved his ten years of service in the U.S. Marine Corp where he specialized in chemical and biological warfare.  He made numerous, life-long friendships with myriad people.

He attended San Jose State University and San Francisco State University, graduating with a degree in health education where he made many dear friends with classmates and teachers.  While in school he worked as an EMT and Paramedic, receiving the Stars of Life Award in Washington DC.  He landed a job with the San Francisco Health Department working to reduce traffic fatalities through the use of Red Light Cameras.  This is also where he met his life partner Marsha.  From there, he moved to Disease Control, then to managing the Adult Immunization and Travel Clinic at 101 Grove where his extensive travel and knowledge of geography proved to be a huge asset.  During this time he also worked as a CPR instructor for UCSF and as an EMT instructor for the Paramedic Association.  There were very few students who couldn’t certify as EMT professionals after completing his classes.

Seven years ago, he took his love of people and teaching to another level when he joined the Jail Health Services, Custody Operations Division.  Here he used his skills, honed as a paramedic—where he had to quickly assess and stabilize patients suffering from physical trauma—to working as a Psychiatric Services Technician, with his focus now being the mental health aspects of patients.  Quijuan also served as the coordinator and instructor for the Crisis Intervention Techniques (CIT) training with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department.  He also continued to teach CPR and first aid to new parents on weekends in San Mateo working with Healthy Horizons.

When asked his occupation, Quijuan would always say that he was a magician.  He began his magician career by doing magic shows for his nephews, nieces and grandchildren.  The parents in attendance frequently wanted him to do shows for their child as well.  The shows were so much fun that one summer a local school district hired him to do Quack Quack Chicken Magic for over a hundred kids.  Steve Harvey was totally entertained by his performance on Family Feud.

Now Mr. Q, as he was known by to his family and friends, never let work get in the way of living his life to the fullest.  He loved smoking cigars and enjoying a good whiskey with his friends.  Q was a true home-team fan, attending as many Giants, 49er and Warrior games as he could.  He was a master scuba diver, diving in waters all over the world, an avid snow boarder who loved Tahoe in the winter, and a certified B Licensed skydiver with over 100 jumps.   He loved wake boarding on the delta so much that he obtained a boater’s license so that he could operate small boats.  He rode his bicycle to work at least once a week and, last year, he started rock climbing.  Q became a member of the Travis Aero Club and after many hours of ground and flight training, had plans to complete private pilot’s exams.

Over the last twenty-four years Quijuan and Marsha have been inseparable.  Their love of travel took them literally around the world on more than one occasion.  Quijuan traveled to every continent except the Antarctic, and that was on his list.  Mr. Q also had an alter ego that he expressed through his poetry.  He was gifted at setting a story to rhyme.  He wrote over ten short stories that he published himself. 

Quijuan had a wonderful smile, a great laugh and a huge heart.  He showed his love for his family and friends in so many ways.   Sadly, his life abruptly and tragically ended on Wednesday night, July 20, 2022.   He leaves a large contingent of friends and family to cherish his memory and the hope that his legacy of a life well lived will continue through to the next generation.  


The Bayview Hill Neighborhood Association secured funding for and saw through the renovation of a new community meeting and recreation spot at the Coronado Pocket Park.  We recently celebrated the renovation of the Coronado Pocket Park with a ribbon-cutting event, showing residents and policy-makers from City Hall that the improvements in the Bayview are driven by residents, not just developers. 


Thanks to Mr. House, Mr. Occhipinti and City leaders for their foresight 25 years ago to plan for a park in our neighborhood.  As of this year, we finally have a new park that is located at the bend of Le Conte at the top of the hill.  It's not much but a nice place to sit and reflect.  You might even be able to see across the city on a clear day.  The Bayview Hill Neighborhood Association worked with a variety of individuals and agencies for several years to bring the vision of a park to the neighborhood.  Site ownership is now formalized with the Rec and Park Department and the park has been officially named.  The Association was successful in acquiring almost $100,000 in 2013 to improve the site. The ribbon cutting was June 2019 with Supervisor Walton and Bayview Hill Vice President, Shirley Moore in attendance. 



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