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  • Develop parks and green spaces including the Ingerson Street Bus Shelter and Garden, the Gilroy Median Garden, Coronado Park (580 Jamestown), and Ralph D. House Park (Le Conte) to name a few;

  • Develop resilience by becoming NERT trained, sponsoring NERT trainings for local residents and by hosting periodic “get to know your neighbor” events;

  • Ensure that there are places for families by provide input for the housing developments on Jamestown and Bayview Hill Gardens;

  • Reduce traffic fatalities and visually improve the entrance to the Bayview from northbound traffic exiting onto Third Street by creating a Bayview Gateway (to be completed first quarter 2020); and

  • Improve air quality by opposing the implosion of the Candlestick Stadium and insisting on a manual dismantling of the site and opposing the placement of the entrance to a parking garage that would facilitate cuing of vehicles on a street located directly beneath homes on the ridge above.


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Organization Bio


The Bayview Hill Neighborhood Association (The Association) is a community group, active since 1984 and incorporated as a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 1990.  We are residents of the Southeast sector of San Francisco and represent residents/homeowners who live and work in the area from Williams/Van Dyke Avenues to the San Francisco County line and from the Bayshore Freeway to Candlestick Point.  We are a growing community with relatively new development over the past ten years at the southernmost section of the City along the northern slope of Candlestick Hill.  We are all committed to making our neighborhood a safe, clean, and well-maintained place to live and raise our children.  Our all-volunteer Association meets monthly to discuss neighborhood concerns and we provide an opportunity for the city and other government agents, developers, and other interested parties to meet directly with residents.  Our mission is to combat neighborhood deterioration by being a concerned, informed, and watchful group of residents that protect the well-being of our community through our united voice and actions.

Since our inception The Association has worked to:

  • Reduce crime by such projects as petitioning for weekly street sweeping to rid the area of an abandoned car and volunteering for Neighborhood Court;

  • Combat blight by such projects as discouraging indiscriminate dumping by working with Recology to provide and promote the use of dumpsters at various times throughout the year and informing the neighborhood on how to report dumping;

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