BE SAFE - Cover your face /
Wash your hands / Stay at home!

The Corona Virus has us all sheltering at home.  This is important to help slow the spread of the disease.  Slowing the spread will give us time to ramp up our health care response for those who get sick, find a vaccine and to establish effective ways to avoid getting the virus altogether.  

What we do know now is that the virus is spread through contact with an infected person's fluids such as sneeze or cough droplets or sweat.  Washing your hands and covering your face is the easiest and most effective way to slow the spread.


Not unlike an earthquake, wildfire or other natural catastrophe, we have the opportunity to help our neighbors and neighborhood by following mandated regulations to stay at home, but to also help those who may be in need.  Using the NERT model of Map Your Block, we all should at the very least know our neighbors who live immediately in front, next door right and left and behind us.  Checking in on them periodically will improve our connections all while helping us all to stay safe.

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